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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

 This is more money than I have ever made online
By Charlene Christie, Toronto, ON

In the last 8 years I think I have spent upwards of $30,000 on various online gimmicks and ideas and websites.

I was so defeated and then one day I got an email from Bob Proctor, someone I greatly respect. I had gotten to the point where I was tired of clicking links and trying new things but I'm glad I did.

It is an excellent course and I learned so much. I started out with two informational books, which achieved some success, but then decided to go into the children's book niche and this is where I really soared.

I have seen greater success than I have with anything ever online.

My first royalty deposit was $56, the second, $107. I made over $200 in November and this month I have sold over 500 books and am looking at a royalty of between $600-700 dollars.

I can't quit my job yet, but this is more money than I have ever made online after spending over $30,000 on failed projects, and I can see my way clearly now and I expect to replace my income by the end of the year.

 The Bonus Material Is Worth More Than The Tuition You Charge
By Michael Teplisky, MD

Getting Rich With eBooks has taught me many things that I could not have hoped to learn by myself in the next few years. As it happens, I was thinking of writing a book when I received your email about the course. I knew nothing about ebooks, how to write them, how to market them, etc. Your course was wonderful (5 stars) because it not only supplied all the necessary step by step instructions, but also motivated me to reach higher than I would have aimed without the knowledge you have so generously imparted.

I also appreciate all the bonus materials that you have provided. The names of various vendors that can be helpful in every stage of the process, from book cover design to order processing to autoresponders. The bonus audio was especially useful in broadening my horizons as to what information technology can do. I firmly believe that the bonus material is worth more than the tuition you charge for the course.

As to my ebook, I am almost finished with the book itself. I have registered the domain name and have ordered the book cover from the vendor you have recommended. I am still studying the Google pay per click offerings and plan to create an account with them soon. I am also grateful for the information on ezines and how to submit articles to them.

I have started with an idea for just one ebook, but after listening to you and to the bonus materials I have come up with the ideas for multiple books that I think will be very successful.

 I have now published 6 eBooks at Amazon.com
By Gary Bennet, Sadler, TX 

I have now published 6 eBooks at Amazon.com and have my website operational. I am looking for my next eBook to publish in conjunction with marketing the existing books I have already published. Vic thank you again for a great course.

 None have delivered the step-by-step approach that you delivered
By Barbara Chung, Scarborough, ON

I didn't know much about public domain material, and what constitutes public domain material, and where to look for it or how to verify a work is in public domain --- this was really an eye opener for me.

I have a products website, and much of the information I obtained to set up the site has been piecemeal -- I really like the start-to-finish approach of Vic's course.

I definitely got what I was looking for in this course and more. I liked the format of homework assignments each week because it gave me concrete action steps to follow, and to continue to follow as I work through the process. I learned material that I can apply over and over again. Thanks Vic for a wonderful course. I would have to say, it's the best course I've participated in this year!

 I am always comfortable purchasing a program from Vic because he shoots straight
By Laura Hickey, Banner Elk, NC

Almost finished with my first ebook and several good ideas for #2, #3, etc. Before I started, I saw the process of writing and marketing an ebook via internet as rocket science. I was confused by all the pitches on what was needed for a website and drawing traffic. Now I know the baseline info of what I need to do to choose a niche, choose market key words, test words and marketing copy, and get a mini-site up. Vic's rolodex of "helps", freelancers who will do the parts I do not wish to do, is invaluable. Excellent program - I expect it to pay for itself many MANY times over.

I am always comfortable purchasing a program from Vic because he shoots straight about the realities of internet marketing - straight in terms of honesty and in terms of experience.


 I became more and more convinced that I can do this!
By Karen Alison, Toronto, ON

Before this course, I knew nothing about the information Vic taught us, so I was starting at zero. So far, I have gotten several new ideas for ebooks, have begun writing a bonus book, am revising my current book for one or more ebooks, have read Cialdini and books on writing sales letters and have practiced writing marketing material for other people as well as myself (rewrote someone else's homepage as a sales letter for them), have learned much from listening to the bonus material, have been motivated to find web support to help me create a new website (and found it), am in the process of researching the business structure I need to support my ebook business, am reading the SEO material…should I go on?

I found this course very exciting and motivating. With Vic’s well-planned lessons and comprehensive information, every week, I became more and more convinced that I can do this! Vic’s constant encouragement not to be afraid of the tech side was extremely helpful, especially as it was backed up by his fantastic, clear and complete information about the art and business of selling on the net. I also appreciated Vic’s abundance attitude and the underlying theme that there’s enough for everyone and we can all succeed. It ’s easy to see that this course took a lot of organization to create and rests on extensive practical knowledge and experience, which Vic shared freely with his students. On all levels, teaching, content, resources, and bonuses, this course receives top marks from me. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting to develop an ebook/information marketing business.

 blown away by the fact that no information was held back
By Samuel Torres, Pasadena, CA

I had nothing but ideas prior to this course. This ebook course carefully outlined steps, took away the mystery of the unknown, taught me how to outsource to get more done, and bottom line helped me get my feet moving.

Everything you need to know about the ebook process from start to finish was covered in detail. Knew it would happen, but was still blown away by the fact that no information was held back. Everything was given except for the book, website and box to hold them in. Found the course to be mentally stimulating and benefiting towards re-discovering old passions as well as discovering new ones.

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